Looking in to canvas closet from big room


Inside canvas closet where I store all the canvases
stretched and ready to use.


Megan Keenan, an OCADU graduate
assembling stretchers, in my studio.


Megan stretching the canvas


Megan applying gesso


Megan beside canvases she just ground glazed


My studio is approximately 1000 square feet. It consists of a framing room with a stretching table and library wall, 2 working rooms with wall space that accomodates anywhere from 10 to 20 paintings, depending on the sizes. There's counters, cupboards, drafting table and filing cabinets scattered thoughout and then there is also a large closet to store all my prepared canvases. The following photos takes you on a tour of my space.

Stretching table – with storage shelves


Art book library


Small painting room


Looking out of small room at counters, cupboards and filing cabinets


Big room, looking from small room


Coming in to big room


Big room


Moving around big room