Summer of 2012
Guy and I ventured out 33 days and toured across North America. We saw many amazing landscapes. We visited the Badlands in both North & South Dakota the Horicon Marsh in Wisconsin, the bald eagles in Decorah, Iowa, and lighthouses along the Great Lakes. We drove all the way to Wyoming and Montana and visited Yellowstone National Park. We came back in Canada through the south east corner of Alberta, and zig zagged all the way home through Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. Between us we took about 30,000 jpg's and Guy got lots of film.

October 2014
I'm currently working on a new series titled "Wetlands" for an upcoming solo exhibition at Galerie Blanche in Montreal. I will be at the opening the evening of Thursday, October 16th, and again on Saturday the 18th in the afternoon.

October, 2013

We had to say goodbye to our dear little Raymond, a kindred spirit of mine. He was a beautiful soft caring Basset Hound. Hardest thing I've ever done. Hoping to get another one soon.